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Title: Four Riders

Release year: 1972

Movie genres: Action; Drama

Director: Cheh Chang

Actors: David Chiang, Lung Ti, Kuan Tai Chen, Chung Wang, Li Ching, Lily Li, Tina Chin-Fei, Yasuaki Kurata, Andre Marquis, Ti Lu, Cheh Chang

Movie length: 104 min.

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You will not ever regret about examining Four Riders in the Action genre! Everything in the action of the year 1972 looks very good and actors know how to make us feeling so impressed and like in the reality from examining everything they are doing on the stage. Here you will see how such a good actors like Lung Ti, Cheh Chang, Chung Wang, Tina Chin-Fei, Lily Li act their roles so great. A duration of the action is 104 minutes but you will feel them like some very interesting episodes. Our rating for Four Riders is 10 of 10! Four Riders movie has got a pretty fantastic cast, some really great story. Four Riders Action movie was created in early 1972. Lung Ti, Cheh Chang, Chung Wang, Tina Chin-Fei, Lily Li made this movie fantastic to see. Just my personal opinion. I am going to make this brief: Four Riders blew me away! Four Riders is a really great Action picture. Although it isn't solely void of defects, a couple missteps don't make worse the movie so much. The 3 major pieces of the movie are: visuals, synergy between characters and the storyline. All 3 are really excellent actually. The rapidness of the movie is suitable, it's fast, but it's easy to track. Yes this is a popcorn picture, but it's totally fine and absolutely fun each time. We hope that you will take pleasure in this film. ;) Tweet this film and share with friends.