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Title: I Don't Want to Be a Man

Release year: 1918

Movie genres: Comedy; Romance

Director: Ernst Lubitsch

Actors: Ossi Oswalda, Curt Goetz, Ferry Sikla, Margarete Kupfer, Victor Janson, Ernst Lubitsch

Movie length: 45 min.

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Yeah, this movie was one of the best in 1918. Great soundtrack, good picture.

I Don't Want to Be a Man Comedy film was produced in mid 1918. Ossi Oswalda, Victor Janson, Margarete Kupfer, Curt Goetz made this film so great to watch. Just my point of view.

I definitely liked the flick. It was extreme, action-packed and exciting. Also showing burlesque when it was needed, but it was a rather dark movie. All of the performers delivered strong performances and the characters continue to be perfectly suited. This is maybe the greatest flicks ever made.

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