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Title: Zhan long

Release year: 1988

Movie genres: Action

Director: Robert Tai

Actors: Robin Shou, Joe Lewis, Steve Tartalia, Tiger Kim, Angela Tsai, Vicki Kim, Wayne Archer, Mark Long, Brian Lucey, Toby Russell, Robert Tai, Sang Wook Kim, Kuen Moi Long

Movie length: 85 min.

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Zhan long movie is a pretty cool movie, filled with some dynamic action.

You will fall in love with Zhan long after watching it. The movie in Action genre looks nice cool and it is the best of all actions of 1988. Starring very well-known actors : Angela Tsai, Toby Russell, Wayne Archer, Tiger Kim, Brian Lucey and acting of theirs is very cool and so exciting. Angela Tsai in main role looks amazing too. Duration of the movie is: 85 mins and we can tell with 100% confidence that you listen to our advice and to start watching it right now.

Zhan long Action movie was made in early 1988. Angela Tsai, Toby Russell, Wayne Archer, Tiger Kim, Brian Lucey have made this movie fantastic to watch. Just my imho. I am going to keep this short: Zhan long is just fantastic!

Great story, realistic action, and surely worth watching! Fun and entertaining and original. Not the greatest script or acting, but fun in its own right. If you are seeking for fantastic movie and brutality, this flick gives it with style.

8) We know that you 100% will enjoy Zhan long flick. Cheers.