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Title: Prehistoric Women

Release year: 1950

Movie genres: Sci-Fi; Adventure

Director: Gregg C. Tallas

Actors: Laurette Luez, Allan Nixon, Joan Shawlee, Judy Landon, Mara Lynn, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Kerry Vaughn, Tony Devlin, James Summers, Dennis Dengate, Gregg C. Tallas

Movie length: 74 min.

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This film is a pretty decent movie, that filled with much of great action.

You would certainly get a lot of cool emotions and would fall in love with acting of Tony Devlin, Allan Nixon, James Summers during pleasurable pastime with Prehistoric Women, the best of all Sci-Fi movies of 1950. The main idea of Prehistoric Women is really amazing and acting of Tony Devlin makes it so realistic and so wonderful. We rate this movie as 10 from 10 and we strongly recommend everyone to start enjoying with it right now! There are just 74 m that would bring you tons of so great pleasurable impressions.

This is probably best of films in Sci-Fi genre that you should not miss a chance of watching or you risk losing a lot of indescribable unforgettable emotions! Such a great actors like Tony Devlin, Allan Nixon, James Summers act their roles so cool and without any hesitations Prehistoric Women is the best films in 1950. This is the tape for everybody and you could spend a unforgettable evening alone, with mates and with your family watching the movie Prehistoric Women. The length of the movie is 74 m where you would see some other things that you haven't examined in the past!

With the beginning of the movie it was full of surprises. What I honestly loved in the movie was the massive tone. Producers of 'Prehistoric Women' show us once again that their production is astonishing!

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