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How to Adopt a Pet

Before being approved for adoption, each animal is evaluated for possible health and behavioral problems. Stray animals are held for three business days. This gives a rightful owner the necessary time to reclaim their pet if previously lost (see owner reclaim policy). Regardless of the situation these animals come from, each animal is looking for and deserves a relationship that lasts a lifetime. The HSMS encourages each new owner to realize and take on the responsibility and commitment of a new pet, but also to enjoy the joy and love each animal brings.

Cat & Dog

The adoption process begins with each potential adopter filling out an adoption application. The application asks questions that will provide information on how the animal will be cared for. The Shelter staff can then assist the potential adopter with the selection of a pet. The Shelter staff also screens potential adopters and may, on occasion, decline an adoption. In certain situations, a home visit may be required. And if a person has another dog, Shelter staff may request that they bring their other dog(s) to the shelter where they will be placed together in the meet-and-greet room to ensure compatibility.

Our adoption fees are as follows:

All dogs and cats are spayed and/or neutered prior to adoption and the adoption fee also includes microchipping at the time of adoption. All dogs must leave the Shelter with a collar and leash and all cats must leave in an approved carrier. Visit our PAWSITIVELY PURRFECT ADOPTION CENTER.

Placing Animals with HSMS

NOTICE: It is a crime to abuse, ignore, or dump unwanted animals. These offenses are punishable by incarceration and fine. HSMS will prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law those caught dumping animals on HSMS or other property.

HSMS realizes there are situations where pets can no longer be cared for. It is not a crime or shameful event if you are UNABLE to care for your animals or find loving homes for them. The sad truth is that owners die, become ill, grow old, lose their jobs, lose their homes, and suffer many other tragic circumstances that impact one's ability to care for a pet. And while HSMS is severely limited in its resources - both human and fiscal - you are able to place your animal with us. If you want to relinquish your animal to HSMS, please go here for contact information and to schedule an appointment.

Cat & Dog

Animal Intake Process

All animal intakes are done on an appointment basis. This ensures that there is "room at the inn" and that the necessary staffing is available to test, evaluate and vaccinate the incoming animal as well as to record all the required information relative to examinations, medical, etc. The in-processing process takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish.

HSMS will ask for a donation at the time of intake. For each animal, the Shelter asks for a minimum of $25.00. For those with less financial means, HSMS will gladly accept volunteer work at the Shelter. The cost of caring for animals is astronomical. HSMS is a non-profit organization, receives minimal county funding and has no veterinarians on staff. That means HSMS absorbs all room, board, medical, staff, records, and placement fees for each animal taken in. The standard medical intake includes:



Tower of kittensReclaiming Lost Pets

All animals turned into the Shelter as strays with no form of identification will be held for three full business days, including Saturdays. On the fourth business day, if unclaimed, the animal will be the legal property of the Humane Society's Mountain Shelter. If someone claims an animal after the three day holding period, they will have to go through the standard adoption procedures.

If the animal is reclaimed during the three-day holding period, a fee of $50 will be charged to help cover the cost of the intake process. Proof of rabies vaccination is required by the State.  If proof cannot be provided, then an additional fee will be required. A $15 boarding fee per day or any portion of a day will also be charged. A $15 discount will be given to owners providing proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered. If an animal is turned in with identification, the Shelter will make every effort to contact the owner. If the owner is contacted, they will have five days in which to retrieve the animal.

All owners reclaiming a pet will be required to show proof of ownership. Examples of such proof are a photo of the pet with the owner, veterinary documentation, or other proof approved by the Shelter manager.

Wish List

If you don't find the perfect pet from among those available for adoption today, we can assist you with finding the pet of your dreams. By leaving your contact information and the type of pet you desire, we can alert you when that type of pet comes available. We encourage you to check the dog and cat adoption pages frequently as the pets change frequently. Click here to send us your wish list.

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