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Title: Bloodfist V Human Target

Release year: 1994

Movie genres: Action

Director: Jeff Yonis

Actors: Don 'The Dragon', Wilson, Denice Duff, Steve James, Andy Bolliger, James Burns, Art Camacho, Brayton Carpenter, Milo Cudanes, Greg Duimovich, Carl Dyer, Jeff Yonis

Movie length: 83 min.

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Bloodfist V Human Target Action movie was created in late 1994. Don 'The Dragon', Wilson make this movie terrific to see. Just my conclusion. This movie is a truly funny movie with some fantastic action. If u are looking for some great action of genre Action then get congratulations because u have just found one of the best of them all! And there are no hesitations that the amazing relaxation with Bloodfist V Human Target would not and could not leave u indifferent or some other things of this kind! Here u would find the most good actors of 1994 who play their roles so great. There are so many good plans in Bloodfist V Human Target that would make u laugh and cry. What we want to tell without any hesitations – u would love this action and would not feel the length 83 m. The Bloodfist V Human Target movie was extraordinarily 100% good. Every second in this movie has a reason and I like it when things come full circle. Everything made sense at the end, and it was awesome. It didn't have some super deep meaning but I still guess it was decent and certainly fun to watch. Overall a mostly fun Action to watch and my face was glued to the monitor the whole picture. Have any ideas? Post them in our comments form. You should register.