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Title: Pyaasa

Release year: 1957

Movie genres: Drama; Musical; Romance

Director: Guru Dutt

Actors: Mala Sinha, Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, Rehman, Johnny Walker, Kumkum, Leela Mishra, Shyam, Mehmood, Radheshyam, Guru Dutt

Movie length: 146 min.

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If you are so crazy about Drama movies with much of world-class action then Pyaasa is one of the best film for you.

Great actors giving powerful performances but this story is tedious and rather predictable.

This is one of the best of actions in Drama genre that you should not miss an opportunity of watching or you risk losing so much indescribable unforgettable impressions! Such a cool actors like Johnny Walker, Mehmood, Kumkum, Rehman, Shyam play their roles so cool and without any doubts Pyaasa is one of the best actions in 1957. This is the movie for everybody and you could spend a unforgettable evening alone, with your buddies and with your family watching the movie Pyaasa. The length of the film is 146 m where you will see something that you haven't seen in the past!

The reviews I was reading and checking on YouTube are so sad that I decided to go see for myself. I would rate this flick as 8 out of ten. I saw what I expected. I was happily surprised!

I hope that you 100% will enjoy this action. It is just my personal opinion.