Download Our Italian Husband

Title: Our Italian Husband

Release year: 2004

Movie genres:

Director: Ilaria Borrelli

Actors: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Brooke Shields, Chevy Chase, Pierfrancesco Favino, Rich Duva, Jennifer Macaluso, C.S. Lee, Sean T. Krishnan, Joel Hurt Jones, Polly Humphreys, Ilaria Borrelli

Movie length: 90 min.

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Movie time is 90 minutes. Film belongs to category, released in 2004.

One of the monotonous films in the Universe, Our Italian Husband is before you here! This movie is from year 2004 and it would not bring you pleasurable moments at all. Length of the uninteresting movie is 90 m with not interesting acting of not bad actors like Joel Hurt Jones, Pierfrancesco Favino, Chevy Chase, Rich Duva, C.S. Lee. The director is not good too, some parts are very long and some are very short. In our opinion that this is one of the worst films of category in the whole Universe!

The is one picture I'd doubtless recommend to families with middle school aged children. It's not super cheesy or bad in my own opinion. The casting is good too, Joel Hurt Jones is good for the role, very credible and proper for this character.

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